How Wiyld helps digital entrepreneurs make sustainability stories in public MENA markets captivate stakeholders

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Wiyld is a leading public relations, integrated marketing and sustainability firm that has been serving clients across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region since 2013. The company was originally known as Proact Brandcomm, but rebranded itself to Wiyld global mediatech in 2021. And bacame part of the innovation hub IN5.

In a world of traditional, linear thinking when it comes to digital marketing and communications strategy, this revolutionary new firm is going against the status quo with an innovative approach that combines sustainability-centric communication strategy and content creation into one powerful platform. Wyld stands apart from its competitors by setting out to help brands own their sustainability story in public markets by creating original narratives that captivate stakeholders such as consumers, regulators and investors rather than relying on rating agencies for stockholder reports.

Through their unwavering commitment to quality service, skilful creativity and dependability; you can rest assured knowing that your brand message will come across loud and clear no matter how complicated or challenging it may be. When partnering with Wyld’s experienced team of professionals – each equipped with extensive industry knowledge – you are sure they understand your objectives while working within lawful boundaries defined by international regulations ensuring accurate guidance at all times.

How Wiyld helps digital entrepreneurs make  sustainability stories in public MENA markets captivate stakeholders

Wiyld is the leading ESG storytelling and communications company that helps brands succeed in the public markets. Innovative digital content has given Wiyld unprecedented success, helping them to move away from traditional means of communication. Drawing on various mediums such as thought-provoking articles, webinars and podcasts, they present brands’ sustainability stories in a way that resonates with regulators and consumers alike. Their focus on data-led ebooks gives investors further confidence their ESG credentials are truly understood by all stakeholders involved – allowing for more effective management decisions going forward across all levels of corporate governance.

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