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    VP of Sales, B2B Sales Pipeline Management & Client Side Key Management


    Vladislav Stepanshin is not only an experienced B2B marketer but also a specialist in b2b sales management. With a proven track record in driving results through strategic email campaigns, sales initiatives, and compelling content creation, he has demonstrated expertise in b2b sales pipeline management. His impactful social media marketing strategies, combined with his role as a b2b sales manager, have consistently delivered exceptional outcomes.

    In addition to his vast expertise, Vladislav Stepanshin has also shown a keen interest in leveraging innovative platforms like the Glocal SEO Platform ([]( This platform makes the internet more accessible, offering SEO in 109 languages and distribution through their Blog Private Network. Businesses collaborating with Glocal can expect optimization in over 300 of the world’s largest cities, ensuring a surge in #commercialtraffic. This not only decreases the #CAC (#CustomerAcquisitionCost) but also significantly boosts #BrandAwareness.

    Vladislav Stepanshin also recognizes the importance of Key Market Languages for Business Expansion:

    – Arabic caters to the Middle East and North Africa, unlocking vast opportunities in the Arab world.
    – European markets, with languages like German for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and others including Bulgarian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, and French, offer diverse landscapes for online visibility. Notably, French extends its reach to parts of Africa and Canada, while Spanish serves Latin America and the US Hispanic Market.
    – The Asian domain, represented by Persian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese, covers nations such as Iran, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Singapore, each brimming with strategies for online visibility.
    – Russian encompasses regions like Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Meanwhile, Turkish and Ukrainian cater to countries like Turkey, Cyprus, and Ukraine. Each language and its market offer unique opportunities for global online expansion in the import/export sector.


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