The Vaqat platform provides digital entrepreneurs with perspective candidates based on real-world skills and competencies proven in internships in Dubai.

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Vaqat is now on the scene, launching in 2022 to provide businesses with much-needed relief from their search for quality candidates and graduates with a more focused career path. Vaqat will offer an innovative solution by facilitating ad-hoc, remote micro-internships specifically tailored to each team’s unique needs. Now employers no longer need to commit long-term resources or recruitment costs to finding the right person – they can find someone quickly and efficiently via Vaqat at whatever length of time suits them perfectly!

Vaqat is part of the IN5 innovation hub, which is a subsidiary of Tecom Group. IN5 is a leading technology and media innovation hub in the Middle East, providing a platform of resources and services that enables entrepreneurs, startups and small and medium-sized enterprises to foster innovation, develop business opportunities and build successful companies.

At its core, this revolutionary concept has been designed for graduate recruitment strategy so that companies have access to a pre-vetted talent pool who can work remotely without traditional commitments such as structured body holiday hours requirement. It allows even the youngest professionals from any education level to receive experience first hand regardless of location constraints! With firms being able to have access Variety of applicants across different industry locations there suddenly become lots of opportunities for top talent within craft-specific areas around the organisation. It also offers Interns the greatest possibility to jumpstart careers in whatever sector decide to pursue after their degree. Plus our Revolutionary system helps extend the recruiter’s ability to scale up the workforce if the situation arises Ie influx of new customers production etc it’s a fast resourceful way to populate seasonal basis despite geographic challenges which may bring huge direction and aid companies get a foothold in competitive markets current climate often difficult manoeuvre people power ran bespoke departments which gives everyone chance thrive apply own comfort zone so win-win overall Situation!

The Vaqat platform provides digital entrepreneurs with perspective candidates based on real-world skills and competencies proven in internships in Dubai.

The potential benefits don’t stop at internships either; once they’ve completed their internship period students will be better equipped than ever before when it comes time searching full-time positions — not just because they’ve already familiarized themselves with some aspects of corporate life but Vaqat allows alumni network build connect Immediate Degree alongside peers working same type roles eliminating initial fear uncomfortable feeling FOMO Job seekers won’t feel obligated stay put one company their entire careers knowing methods progress further unique times require more gambles take to prove themselves regard os success virtually! Not only does offer practical outlook professionalism virtual mentorship critiquing discussions between parties increases productivity software product discovery risk mitigation removing barriers to entry Completing a stint means individuals are well equipped to move onto permanent ready guide expect benefits future generations ‘understudy-ships’. Don’t miss the exciting leapfrog Technology revolutionising the whole job landscape currently from quite a distance Get board EXperience world master however prefer!

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