Unlock your innovation potential: Plug and Play is the world’s leading innovation platform!

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Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform in the Middle East uniting startups with the unrivaled tech expertise of Silicon Valley and financial institutions for a changing world.

In today’s rapidly changing world, innovation is the key to success and staying ahead of the competition. In this endeavor, Plug and Play acts as a beacon of transformation, facilitating collaboration between entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and governments around the world. Through its extensive network of startups, leading global corporations, venture capital firms, universities and government agencies, Plug and Play is revolutionizing the way innovation is supported and enabled.

Creating the world’s leading innovation platform

Plug and Play is committed to creating a smart future that benefits everyone. True innovation thrives when diverse minds come together, which is why Plug and Play has created a unique ecosystem that brings together change makers and leading organizations from every corner of the globe.

The Plug and Play ecosystem is built for tomorrow’s technology

The ecosystem is vast and robust: it includes 50,000 startups, 500+ of the world’s leading corporations, a host of venture capital firms, universities and government agencies in a variety of industries. Together with its partners, Plug and Play is committed to developing and deploying tomorrow’s technologies, solving global challenges and unlocking new opportunities.

The innovators behind the Plug and Play ecosystem

Corporations: Leading corporations partner with Plug and Play to stay at the forefront of innovation in their industries. Plug and Play presents comprehensive support at all stages of the innovation journey, from learning to implementation, enabling the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and strategies.

Startups: A network of 50,000 startups is carefully selected by experts. Through accelerator programs, connections to the open innovation ecosystem and strategic investments, the growth of startups is accelerated, turning them into strong players in the market.

VCs & Investors: Plug and Play actively participates in funding rounds with some of the world’s most prominent venture capital firms. By connecting them with corporate partners, Plug and Play also contributes to the growth and success of their portfolio companies.

Governments: By supporting international organizations, Plug and Play promotes economic development through innovation, internationalization and support for entrepreneurship. By facilitating collaboration between governments and startups, Plug and Play aims to create positive change on a global scale.

Universities: By nurturing the next generation of innovators, Plug and Play provides students with valuable venture capital experience and sponsors university-focused Plug and Play pitch events, as well as providing remote support for entrepreneurial events at educational institutions.

Mentors: Startups participating in the programs receive access to world-class mentors as well as critical business advice and counsel from experienced professionals.

Corporate innovation at its best

Corporations that partner with Plug and Play have access to a strategically aligned selection of startups that match their technology interests. In addition, corporate partners receive invaluable insight into the latest technology trends and direct access to a network of industry leaders and senior executives. This facilitates the sharing of best practices and the formation of industry standards.

Plug and Play’s Mission: Fostering innovation around the world

Plug and Play’s core mission is to drive innovation by connecting entrepreneurs, corporations and investors from every corner of the globe. Plug and Play believes that together we can create revolutionary solutions that will shape a better future for humanity.

Why choose Plug and Play?

Network: Plug and Play is a global ecosystem of innovators, the first and only one of its kind. By joining, individuals and organizations can connect with the right people at the right time, collaborate and advance their endeavors.

Global reach: Acting as a bridge between Silicon Valley and more than 30 international hubs, Plug and Play democratizes innovation by making it accessible to anyone and everyone. This global reach ensures that groundbreaking ideas are supported and nurtured on a truly international scale.

Success Stories: Over the years, Plug and Play has forged successful partnerships with cutting-edge corporations and the brightest startups, contributing to the world of the future. The track record speaks eloquently of a commitment to positive change through innovation.

Meet the CEO and Founder: Saeed Amidi

At the helm of Plug and Play is Saeed Amidi, a Silicon Valley native and seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience. With many successful startups and investments in up-and-coming companies like PayPal, Danger, Dropbox and Lending Club, Saeed is a driving force in the tech ecosystem.

A passionate advocate for inspiring others and boosting innovation, Saeed’s vision for innovation lies in leveraging technology, business models, and processes to reach decisions and add value faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

In conclusion, Plug and Play stands as a beacon of innovation, connecting the brightest minds across industries and geographies to create transformative solutions. With a steadfast commitment to driving positive change, Plug and Play’s ecosystem is shaping a smarter future for all, one innovation at a time.

Fueling Growth: The metrics that matter

In the realm of entrepreneurship, the path to success lies in navigating the intricacies of metrics that fuel growth. A highly anticipated event featuring Vijay Tirathrai, the esteemed Managing Director of Techstars Riyadh, and Jordan Bray, the Vice President & UAE Director at Plug & Play, promises to delve into the crux of this critical matter. Together, they will shed light on the foundational elements of unit economics, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and payback period, all of which are essential aspects of building a flourishing enterprise.

The spotlight of this event shines on the pivotal question: Can your innovative idea or product be transformed into a thriving business? In the eyes of discerning investors, this is a paramount consideration. To meet their expectations and chart a course for success, entrepreneurs must devise a well-defined plan to measure success and create unparalleled value for their customers. To this end, the session will serve as a guiding beacon, empowering startup enthusiasts to establish the right metrics and growth indicators tailored to their unique ventures. With an arsenal of accurate metrics at their disposal, budding entrepreneurs can confidently steer their startups toward triumph in the competitive business landscape. Event recording: TechStars and Plug and Play at Hub71 Wework Abu Dhabi. Fueling Growth: The metrics that matter – YouTube

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Unlock your innovation potential: Plug and Play is the world’s leading innovation platform!

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    Awesome article! Thanks to Vijay Tirathrai, Managing Director, Techstars Riyadh and Jordan Bray, Vice President & UAE Director at Plug & Play for highlighting such interesting topic!

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