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Are you a government worker, pensioner, or part of a low-income household in Dubai? If so, you may be eligible for the Esaad Card, a unique initiative that offers a range of benefits and discounts across various sectors. In this article, we’ll explore what the Esaad Card is, who qualifies for it, and how to apply.

What is the Esaad Card?

Launched on March 13, 2017, the Esaad Card is a community-focused initiative that aims to improve the quality of life for cardholders by providing access to discounts and offers in education, health, housing, food catering, restaurants, amusement parks, hotels, tourism, travel, and shopping malls. The card contributes to financial savings and is inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, who emphasizes the importance of happiness and positivity in the UAE community.

The Esaad Card is more than just a discount card; it is a symbol of the government’s commitment to the well-being and happiness of its citizens and residents. By providing access to a wide range of services and benefits, the card helps to alleviate financial burdens and improve the overall quality of life for those who hold it.

The initiative covers all sectors that are essential to the lives of cardholders, from basic necessities like food and housing to leisure activities like amusement parks and travel. This comprehensive approach ensures that the benefits of the Esaad Card are felt in all aspects of the cardholder’s life.

Who is Eligible for the Esaad Card?

The following groups are eligible to apply for the Esaad Card in Dubai:

1. Government workers under the General Directorate of Dubai Police
2. Retirees from both government and private sectors
3. Disabled citizens
4. Senior citizens
5. Limited-income citizens

Immediate family members, including spouses, parents, and children, can also benefit from the cardholder’s Esaad Card privileges. This extension of benefits to family members recognizes the importance of supporting not just the individual but also their loved ones.

Eligibility for the Esaad Card is designed to target those who are most in need of support, including government workers, retirees, disabled citizens, senior citizens, and those with limited income. By focusing on these groups, the initiative ensures that the benefits of the card are directed towards those who will benefit from them the most.

How to Apply for the Esaad Card

To apply for the Esaad Card, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
  2. Gather required documents (valid ID, passport-sized photos, workplace paperwork, and address proof)
  3. Fill out the online application form
  4. Visit a designated center (if required) to submit hard copies of documents and provide biometric data
  5. Wait for the review and verification process
  6. Collect your Esaad Card once it is issued

Be aware that there may be fees associated with issuing and renewing the card. The application process for the Esaad Card is designed to be as straightforward as possible, with clear steps and requirements outlined for potential applicants.

The online application form streamlines the process, allowing applicants to provide their information quickly and easily. If required, applicants may need to visit a designated center to submit hard copies of their documents and provide biometric data, ensuring the security and integrity of the application process.

Once the application is submitted, it undergoes a review and verification process to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met and that the information provided is accurate. Upon approval, the Esaad Card is issued, and the cardholder can begin enjoying the many benefits and discounts available to them.

Benefits of the Esaad Card

The Esaad Card offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Streamlined access to government services
  • Enhanced efficiency and productivity in dealings with government offices
  • Improved security measures to protect personal information
  • Financial incentives and discounts on various transactions
  • Simplified identification process, serving as a one-stop ID card

One of the key benefits of the Esaad Card is the streamlined access it provides to government services. By using the card, holders can navigate government offices and processes more efficiently, saving time and reducing hassle.

The card also offers enhanced security measures, protecting the personal information of cardholders and reducing the risk of fraud or identity theft. This added layer of security provides peace of mind for cardholders, knowing that their sensitive information is safe and secure.

In addition to these practical benefits, the Esaad Card also offers financial incentives and discounts on a wide range of transactions, from shopping and dining to travel and leisure activities. These discounts can add up to significant savings over time, making the card a valuable tool for those looking to stretch their budget further.

Finally, the Esaad Card serves as a one-stop identification card, simplifying the process of proving one’s identity and eligibility for various services and benefits. This streamlined approach reduces the need for multiple forms of identification and makes accessing services and benefits more convenient for cardholders.


Can I use the Esaad Card to access healthcare services?

Yes, the Esaad Card allows you to access healthcare services at participating hospitals and clinics in Dubai. However, it’s important to check with the healthcare provider beforehand to ensure they accept the card. This benefit can be particularly valuable for those with ongoing health concerns or those who require regular medical attention, as it can help to reduce the financial burden of healthcare costs.

What are the benefits of using the Esaad Card for public transportation?

Using the Esaad Card for public transportation offers convenience, contactless payment, and a faster, more efficient journey. Simply tap your card, and you’re ready to go, without the need for cash or tickets. This feature is particularly useful for those who rely on public transportation for their daily commute, as it can save time and hassle on a regular basis.

Cardholder Reviews

Here is what cardholders write to the question: “Would you pay AED 700 for an Esaad Card

“It depends on you and the expenses you have, it saved me 6k in school fees.
ESAAD card gives discount percentage in many schools across Dubai, it ranges from 10% to 50% in some school. So my daughter school gives 15% discount in the curriculum year for ESAAD card holders, without having to pay it all in one cheque, I pay each term by its time. If you have ESAAD card then login to their mobile application and it will show which school accept it and the discount percentage they are offering.”

100% go for it, it’s saved me quite a bit.

It’s for a year, personally it was worth it when I cud get it for 300 AED but since then last year it became 700 aed and i don’t see any benefit to me as my outings have reduced drastically.

If you are a person who visits lots of restaurants and shops for more than 1000 AED a month, it’ll be worth it

I work for the government so I get both fazaa and esaad for free and I find that esaad gives me far better discounts I save alot of money with it.

Saved me 18k in a hospital bill of 54k

The Esaad Card is a valuable tool for those who qualify, offering a range of benefits and discounts that can make life easier and more affordable in Dubai. If you’re eligible, consider applying for this game-changing card today and experience the many advantages it has to offer!

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