UAE GLOBAL DEMO DAY 11.12.22 (video)

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UPD: performance recordings added

On December 11 (Sunday), at 12:00, projects and teams in Dubai will present their projects to venture capital funds and business angels.

LabLeb — the leading Arabic user search technology. With NLP capabilities in Arabic and artificial intelligence.

UAE GLOBAL DEMO DAY 11.12.22 (video)

E-tips – is a flexible and useful tool for creating QR codes. A platform for restaurants, hotels and beauty salons.

UAE GLOBAL DEMO DAY 11.12.22 (video)

View IT — is a comprehensive real estate solution that integrates the agent and client journey into a single whole.

UAE GLOBAL DEMO DAY 11.12.22 (video)

SpeakLab — is a language social network that provides effective language practice through personalized recommendations based on artificial intelligence.

UAE GLOBAL DEMO DAY 11.12.22 (video)

Emirex — is a global software technology company focused on MENA retail users with centralized digital asset exchange, gamified trading functions, an IEO platform and asset management tools.

UAE GLOBAL DEMO DAY 11.12.22 (video)

?Location: in5 tech, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, near Tram Station and Cordoba Residence – Dubai


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