Mena Startups Receive Accelerated Growth At Taqadam: Zero-Equity Funding And Mentorship For Entrepreneurs

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Taqadam accelerator

Taqadam, a startup accelerator program based in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, is offering zero-equity funding to startups in the region. This means that startups can receive funding without having to give up any ownership or control of their company. In addition to funding, Taqadam also provides mentorship and resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate their growth and scale their businesses.

Taqadam has made 15 investments: Beekeeper Tech, Osool, LabLabee, WideBot, Omniful, Cubex Global, Autlient, swftbox, Thya Technology, Mismar and etc. Their most recent investment was on Nov 15, 2022, when Beekeeper Tech raised $640K.

This initiative aims to support the development of the MENA startup ecosystem by providing much-needed support for early-stage companies.

The program provides access to experienced mentors who guide entrepreneurs on various aspects of business development, including marketing, fundraising, and team building. Startups also benefit from workshops, networking events, and personalized coaching sessions tailored to their needs. Taqadam’s team of experts work closely with startups to help them overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Participating in the Taqadam program offers numerous benefits for entrepreneurs in the MENA region. One major advantage is zero-equity funding, which means startups can receive financial support without having to give up ownership or control of their company. Additionally, the mentorship provided by experienced industry professionals can help entrepreneurs navigate challenges and make informed decisions for their businesses. The program also provides access to a wide network of resources and opportunities, including potential investors and partnerships.

Overall, participating in Taqadam can accelerate the growth and success of MENA startups.

Several startups from the MENA region have successfully received support and funding from Taqadam, accelerating their growth and success. One such startup is Jibrel Network, which provides blockchain-based financial services and raised $30 million in an initial coin offering after participating in Taqadam’s program. Another success story is Eventtus, a mobile app for event planning that raised $2 million in funding after completing Taqadam’s accelerator program.

what kind of benefits of Taqadam offers to startups


1. Tailored engineering and development: Taqadam offers customized engineering support for a wide range of requirements, from algorithm design to platform development.

2. Access to top talent: Taqadam’s network of developers, designers, engineers, and project managers gives startups access to world-class talent to help move their projects further.

3. Cost savings: Taqadam’s innovative apprenticing model provides startups with significant cost reductions compared to traditional software development firms.

4. Quick start on projects: By taking advantage of Taqadam’s existing infrastructure and network of professionals, startups can quickly get started on complex projects without the need for extensive recruiting or onboarding processes.

5. Scalability: Flexible engineering teams that scale according to the demands of the specific project give startups access to the right resources anytime they need them.

6. Risk mitigation: Startups can benefit from shorter ramp-up times as well as low failure risk due to increased transparency between them and the team appointed by Taqadam for their project

7. Verified professionals in the tech industry: With its rigorous vetting process, Taqadam offers verified and reliable tech talent that will meet a startup’s needs without too much hassle or difficulty in finding suitable skills within a reasonable time frame

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