SunFi is a Nigerian clean tech startup aiming at revolutionizing the solar industry by providing an innovative financing platform that makes it easier for Solar Installers and their customers to transition from petrol generators to solar. The company has already raised over $1 million in seed funding and secured strategic partnerships with leading banks, insurance companies and renewable energy developers across the Middle East region. The Norrsken Impact Accelerator provides SunFi with access to experts from around the world who are committed to helping startups develop solutions that will have a positive social impact on society as well as financial returns. Through this program, Sunfi will be provided with advice on product development and market strategy, while also receiving opportunities to enter UAE markets. Additionally, they’ll also receive support connecting them further into UNDP’s global network of investors, which can open up even more potential investment opportunities down the line. Overall, this accelerator opportunity helps Sunfi move closer towards its goal of providing affordable yet reliable clean energy solutions throughout MENA region – thus creating a greener future!

SunFi development paths

1. Developing localized solar energy solutions tailored to climate and the environment.

2. Creating an efficient and affordable system for storing electricity generated by solar power in batteries or other storage systems.

3. Designing software that helps customers track their renewable energy usage, savings, and emissions reductions over time.

4. Partnering with local businesses to design effective distributed energy resource approaches like microgrids throughout the region’s cities and villages.

5. Develop networks of connected devices that enable communication between different actors in a decentralized smart grid ecosystem across multiple countries around the world.

6. Offering solar financing packages through partnerships with financial institutions, as well as training programs for new installers.

February 3, 2023


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