RemotePass is revolutionizing how companies hire, manage, pay and retain remote workers across the globe. From small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, RemotePass offers a comprehensive and customizable solution for any team looking to take advantage of remote working opportunities in over 150 countries worldwide.

The platform has end-to-end functionalities that start from generating legally compliant contracts all the way up to making robust payroll decisions based on local governmental regulations. Companies have the capability to create contract documents as per their specific requirements within minutes – with no limitation on size or complexity. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for managers to quickly collect necessary in-country documents like visas, work permits, or tax forms from their teams in just a few clicks – so there are no delays when onboarding or managing remote employees!

Another unique feature of RemotePass’s solution is its multi-currency expense management tool which allows corporate administrators to set spending limits by an employee and even restrict purchases from certain merchants deemed too risky by their organizations through an integrated controls engine.

Additionally, time off requests can be submitted directly through the dashboard while team members have full visibility into company policies surrounding PTO & Sick leave with associated accrual rules etc., allowing managers far greater control over remotely managed teams than ever before!

The RemotePass card is enrolled with 3-D Secure, providing an additional layer of authentication for online transactions. For offline transactions, users are required to enter a PIN for added security.

RemotePass has raised a total of $5M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Sep 5, 2022 from a Seed round. RemotePass is funded by 5 investors. Khwarizmi Ventures, Flat6Labs, Wealth Well, Wamda Capital, BECO Capital. The company is ranked 5,370 by Crunchbase.

Overall, RemotePass provides an evergreen solution allowing companies of all sizes unparalleled access into new talent pools around the world; enabling them with features like employee payslips & document storage; while providing employers real-time reporting on financial / HR metrics they need – removing unnecessary Paperwork bureaucracy and improving collective employees’ experience along the way. With innovative tools such as those provided by RemotePass, companies can finally unlock the tremendous potential offered by global collaboration without having to worry about compliance headaches often faced when expanding business operations abroad!

RemotePass in the UAE

Remote employees in the UAE have normally used SWIFT transfers as one of their only options for receiving global funds. However, the RemotePass App has provided a more efficient way to do this. This app gives its users the opportunity to supervise their contracts, enrol in health insurance packages and add beneficiaries, record expenditures, access USD payroll cards online and offline and receive payments without any transaction costs.

The RemotePass package is in keeping with the UAE government’s idea to bring in international expertise and make the country a premier spot for remote employment. And Dubai is considered the third-best city in the world for digital nomads to live in.

With its Employer of Record services, RemotePass covers the entirety of the transfer, visa application, and insurance procedures for foreign firms wishing to employ or move workers or contractors to the UAE.

RemotePass supports hundreds of businesses around the world, from new startups to publicly traded corporations like Logitech. They are dedicated to providing users in developing nations with a consolidated experience in financial technology, offering them access to services and advantages that weren’t open for use before.

May 12, 2023


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