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Prime Medical Center in Dubai is renowned for its comprehensive healthcare services, catering to the needs of both locals and expatriates. This premier medical facility combines high-quality care with the convenience of multiple locations across the city, making it a key player in the region’s healthcare sector. From advanced diagnostics to specialized care, Prime Medical is dedicated to maintaining your health and wellness.

Comprehensive Healthcare Services at Prime Medical Center

Prime Medical Center offers a wide array of medical services designed to cater to the diverse health needs of its patients. Here’s a deeper look into what you can expect:

  • General Medicine: As the backbone of any medical facility, their general practitioners provide preventive care, treatment for acute illnesses, and ongoing care for chronic conditions. Patients benefit from a holistic approach to health maintenance and disease prevention.
  • Specialty Care: The center boasts a roster of specialists in fields such as cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology, and dermatology among others. Each specialist is equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide expert care tailored to individual health needs.
  • Dental Services: Featuring a comprehensive dental department, Prime Medical offers everything from preventative maintenance and routine dental exams to cosmetic dentistry and advanced dental surgeries. The goal is to ensure optimal oral health for their patients through state-of-the-art dental care.
  • Diagnostic Services: Accurate diagnosis is key to effective treatment. Prime Medical Center utilizes advanced medical imaging and laboratory tests to help pinpoint the exact nature of a patient’s condition, leading to targeted treatment strategies.
  • Pharmacy: An on-site pharmacy adds to the convenience, providing patients with easy access to their medications immediately following consultations. The pharmacists also offer valuable advice on medication management and use.

Prime Medical Center Locations in Dubai:

Here’s a look at some of the key locations of Prime Medical Center across Dubai, each equipped to provide top-notch medical services:

Prime Medical Center – Deira

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Deira

About place: Situated on the 2nd floor of Reef Mall in Deira, Dubai, this medical center is a hub for both locals and visitors seeking comprehensive healthcare services. The center is equipped with advanced medical technology and staffed by a team of experienced specialists across various disciplines. Patients appreciate the center’s strategic location and its integration within a shopping mall, providing easy access and convenience for medical appointments combined with shopping or dining.

Address: Salah Al Din St 2nd Floor, Reef Mall – Deira – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Burjuman

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Burjuman

About place: Located on the 3rd floor of the BurJuman Centre, this facility stands out for its extensive range of medical departments, including dermatology, pediatrics, and orthopedics. The center is noted for its efficient service, where staff are commended for their professionalism and caring approach. The convenience of mall parking and direct mall access make it a preferred choice for patients looking for healthcare services in the heart of Dubai.

Address: Khalid Bin Al Waleed Rd – Al Mankhool – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Motor City

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Motor City

About place: This center is on the 1st floor of First Avenue Mall at Detroit Street West Arcade, offering a family-friendly healthcare environment with a wide array of services. From general practice to specialized medical consultations, the center is designed to meet the needs of the growing Motor City community. The staff’s friendliness and the clean, modern facilities ensure a comfortable patient experience.

Address: 1st Floor First Avenue Mall Detroit St West Arcade – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Sheikh Zayed Road

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Sheikh Zayed Road

About place: Conveniently located near Metro Station Interchange No 3, behind Al Safa, this center provides easy access for those commuting via public transport or personal vehicles. It offers a broad spectrum of medical services, from routine check-ups to specialized treatments, all under one roof. The center is known for its organized patient flow system, which minimizes waiting times and enhances the overall patient visit.

Address: Metro Station Interchange No 3 – behind Al Safa – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Mizhar

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Mizhar

About place: Operating 24/7 within the Arabian Center on Al Khawaneej Street, Al Mizhar, this medical center serves as a critical healthcare provider for emergencies and routine check-ups alike. It features a wide range of medical services, including a dedicated eye department and a comprehensive women’s health program. The round-the-clock operation hours cater to patients with varying schedules and urgent medical needs.

Address: Arabian Center – Al Khawaneej St – Al Mizhar – Al Mizhar 1 – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Nad Al Hamar (Union Coop Mall)

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Nad Al Hamar (Union Coop Mall)

About place: This facility is part of the Union Coop Mall in Nadd Al Hamar and is known for its superior patient care and swift service. The center offers a full spectrum of medical services, ensuring that most health insurance plans are accepted, which simplifies access for patients. Its location within a shopping mall ensures that visitors can manage healthcare needs alongside everyday errands.

Address: Nadd Al Hamar – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Jumeirah

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Jumeirah

About place: At Al Ferdous 1, 595 Al Wasl Road, Al Safa 1, this center is highly regarded for its quality of care and expert medical staff. Patients frequently commend the cleanliness of the facility and the attentive care they receive from healthcare professionals. The center’s strategic location in Jumeirah makes it a top choice for residents in the surrounding upscale neighborhoods.

Address: Al Ferdous 1 – 595 Al Wasl Rd – Al Safa 1 – Dubai

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Prime Medical Center – Al Barari

Photo source: Google Maps. View to Prime Medical Center – Al Barari

About place: Nestled in the lush area of Al Barari, this center is celebrated for its exceptional medical services and the professionalism of its staff. It offers a tranquil environment for patients seeking healthcare services, from dental care to specialized medical treatments. The center’s high patient satisfaction scores reflect its commitment to quality care and patient comfort.

Address: Al Barari – Dubai

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Why Choose Prime Medical Center?

Opting for Prime Medical Center means choosing a healthcare provider that truly cares about your well-being. The facility not only offers top-tier medical services but also focuses on creating a comfortable and supportive environment for its patients. Highlights include:

  • Accessibility: With multiple locations throughout Dubai, accessing quality healthcare has never been easier. Each center is strategically placed to serve densely populated neighborhoods, reducing travel time and stress for patients.
  • Quality of Care: At Prime Medical, the focus is on patient satisfaction and outcomes. The medical staff are not only highly qualified but also dedicated to following the best practices in healthcare to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.
  • Modern Facilities: The centers are equipped with the latest medical technology and adheres to international standards in healthcare services, ensuring you are receiving care that is on par with global best practices.

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Choosing Prime Medical Center in Dubai ensures that you and your family are in capable hands. With a commitment to excellence and a patient-centric approach, Prime Medical stands out as a leader in healthcare within the bustling city of Dubai. Whether for routine check-ups, emergency situations, or specialized treatments, Prime Medical Center provides an all-encompassing solution for your health needs.

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