OurCrowd offers venture capitalists a unique opportunity to invest in the most promising startups from around the world

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OurCrowd is a venture investing platform that offers institutions and individuals the opportunity to invest in emerging companies. Founded in 2013 by Jonathan Medved and Steve Wishner, OurCrowd has quickly become one of the world’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms. Through its innovative approach, investors have access to exclusive deals from top startups around the world – including those based in Israel – with unprecedented transparency and liquidity options for their investments.

The platform provides investors with an unparalleled level of engagement by allowing them to interact directly with founders and management teams on each investment they make. This allows them to gain insight into how these businesses operate while also giving entrepreneurs direct access to not just capital but also mentorship opportunities through our network of experienced partners across various industries worldwide.

Since its inception, OurCrowd has invested over $1 billion dollars into more than 200 high-growth companies spanning multiple sectors such as healthcare technology, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, fintech (financial technology) and energy efficiency solutions among others.

OurCrowd offers venture capitalists a unique opportunity to invest in the most promising startups from around the world

In addition, OurCrowd takes pride in being a leader when it comes to diversity within its portfolio. having invested significantly more money into female-led businesses compared to other industry peers as well as promoting gender parity amongst employees both internally and externally. We believe this helps create an environment where everyone can thrive regardless of race, gender or background.

With offices located throughout Europe, North America & Asia Pacific regions. OurCrowd continues striving towards becoming one global community dedicated to making positive change happen – whether it be fostering innovation & job creation or providing financial support during times of crisis like pandemics etc… It’s clear why so many people are turning towards us when looking for ways to grow their wealth responsibly without sacrificing any ethical considerations along the way!

OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2023 

OurCrowd Global Investor Summit is one of the premier events in the startup world, bringing together venture capitalists from around the globe. On February 15th 2023, hundreds of investors gathered at this exclusive event to gain access to private companies they could invest in and network with other industry professionals.

Attendees had a chance to hear from some of today’s most innovative entrepreneurs as well as experienced venture capitalists who discussed their investment strategies and shared insights on how best to approach investing in startups. With over 100 speakers covering topics like fintech, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), healthcare innovation and more – it was an invaluable opportunity for VCs looking for new opportunities or just wanting to stay ahead of trends within their field.

OurCrowd offers venture capitalists a unique opportunity to invest in the most promising startups from around the world

In addition to hearing top-notch panels featuring experts such as Mark Cuban and Brad Feld discussing various aspects related to investments. Attendees also got a chance to explore what OurCrowd has been up to since its launch back in 2017 when it became one of Israel’s first equity crowdfunding platforms connecting accredited investors with pre-vetted early-stage companies seeking capital funding…

Not only did participants get valuable information about potential investments but they were able to connect directly with founders through “speed dating” sessions where each entrepreneur had three minutes to present his/her company followed by questions from prospective investors. This format allowed both parties quickly assess if there might be mutual interest without having to go through a lengthy due diligence process beforehand making the whole experience much smoother and more efficient than traditional means of raising capital.

All told, OurCrowd Global Investor Summit not only provided great insight into the latest developments within the startup ecosystem but also gave those attending unique access to quality deals that would otherwise remain off-limits them. It is clear why so many people flock to annual gathering year after year because no matter your level of expertise, there is something everyone takes away summit which makes it worth every penny invested in getting there!

OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2023  Statistics:

OurCrowd offers venture capitalists a unique opportunity to invest in the most promising startups from around the world

9,034 people registered from 81 countries.

943 entrepreneurs.

1,084 MNCs.

111 delegations.

300+ press.

$2.1B in commitments.

380 portfolio companies.

42 funds around the world.

10 year anniversary.

Glocal at OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2023

Glocal is a powerful international SEO tool designed to optimize websites in 88 languages in 100 countries and 275 major cities around the world. With the fastest serverless network available, Glocal helps improve website visibility in search engine results internationally.

OurCrowd offers venture capitalists a unique opportunity to invest in the most promising startups from around the world

At OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2023, Glocal will be showcasing our portfolio companies and discussing how Glocal can help investors make informed decisions about investing in innovative technologies. We believe that this summit provides an excellent platform for us to share our expertise on early-stage investments, as well as network with other industry professionals from around the world. At Glocal, we understand the importance of staying ahead of trends and being able to identify opportunities before anyone else does; which is why attending events like OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2023 is so important for us! By participating at this event, not only do we get access to valuable insights from top industry players but also have a chance at making meaningful connections within the business community worldwide – something that could potentially open up new doors for both ourselves and our clients alike!

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