Leonid Dovbenko: A Trailblazing Journey in Food Tech Entrepreneurship

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Leonid Dovbenko is a visionary food tech entrepreneur and a serial innovator in the realm of food technology. With an impressive portfolio of successful ventures, Leonid has left an indelible mark on the industry, redefining the way people access and experience food services. As the founder of Yalla!Hub and Yalla!Market, he has continuously pushed the boundaries of convenience and efficiency in the foodtech landscape. He is improving customer service, creating a skilled workforce and a more sustainable approach to food technology and logistics in the UAE business landscape

2022: Yalla!Hub – Empowering Businesses with Superfast Delivery

In 2022, Leonid Dovbenko launched Yalla!Hub, a pioneering B2B SaaS model. This innovative platform enabled businesses in Dubai to have their own ultra-fast delivery services. Easily integrating into the existing infrastructure of businesses, Yalla!Hub simplified the delivery process, ensuring lightning-fast order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business with Yalla!Hub:

Seamless Integration for Effortless Expansion:
With Yalla!Hub, you can effortlessly streamline your operations, allowing you to concentrate on more crucial aspects of your business growth

Wide Industry Coverage for Market Diversification:
Yalla!Hub goes beyond the norm, catering to a diverse range of industries. Whether you’re in the cosmetics and perfumery, dietary supplements, beauty goods and accessories, clothing and underwear, electronics and accessories, food and beverages, or pet goods industry, Yalla!Hub has you covered.

Streamlined Operations with an All-in-One Platform:
Yalla!Hub provides an all-in-one solution, streamlining your business processes and enhancing efficiency. This centralization empowers you to focus on the big picture while leaving the nitty-gritty tasks to Yalla!Hub.

Customized Solutions for Your Industry:
Every industry has its unique challenges and requirements. Yalla!Hub recognizes this, and we provide custom-tailored solutions to cater specifically to the needs of your industry. Experience a solution designed with your business’s success in mind.

2021: Yalla!Market – Elevating the Grocery Shopping Experience

The year 2021 saw Leonid Dovbenko’s visionary approach come to life with the founding of Yalla!Market. This cutting-edge platform delivered high-quality groceries and essential goods in Dubai, providing customers with a remarkable ordering experience. The hyperlocal delivery area concept and impressive picking speed allowed clients to receive their orders within an astounding 15 minutes, setting new standards for convenience and efficiency in the food retail industry.

Leonid Dovbenko: A Trailblazing Journey in Food Tech Entrepreneurship

2020: Revolutionizing the Food Industry Amidst Challenges

In 2020, Leonid Dovbenko proved his resilience and ability to innovate during challenging times by launching multiple transformative projects.

Teamcheck: Amidst the pandemic’s remote work surge, Leonid introduced Teamcheck, a service that facilitated seamless remote collaboration among employees from different companies. The initiative proved invaluable in enhancing productivity and communication during unprecedented times.

UAE Restaurant Community: In response to the pandemic’s impact on the restaurant industry, Leonid established the UAE Restaurant Community, fostering solidarity and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, and supporting them through these trying times.

Tawreed: Leonid’s passion for streamlining operations led to the creation of Tawreed, a marketplace connecting restaurants and suppliers in the UAE, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions.

GeCo: Recognizing the need for an integrated solution, Leonid launched GeCo, an all-in-one service that seamlessly integrated sales, delivery channels, and customer management for businesses.

2019: Digitalizer Diary – Empowering the Restaurant Community

In 2019, Leonid Dovbenko embraced the digital realm, launching the YouTube channel “Digitalizer Diary.” With insightful content focused on the restaurant industry, the channel quickly soared to the TOP3 spot on the restaurant theme in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Leonid’s dedication to sharing knowledge proved invaluable for restaurant owners and enthusiasts alike.

2018: Syrve MENA – Revolutionizing Restaurant Automation

Teaming up with Syrve, Leonid co-founded Syrve MENA in 2018, a pioneering restaurant automation company based in Dubai. This venture introduced cutting-edge technology to enhance restaurant operations and customer experiences.

Leonid Dovbenko: A Trailblazing Journey in Food Tech Entrepreneurship

2017: StreetMarket and Bosses School

Leonid Dovbenko became a co-owner of the innovative retail project, StreetMarket, inspired by the Russian 7eleven concept. Additionally, he launched the educational program “Bosses School,” empowering entrepreneurs and top managers with essential skills and knowledge.

2016-2014: Expanding Horizons and Enhancing Efficiency

During these years, Leonid’s ventures continued to expand and flourish. Open Service, founded in 2016, achieved geographic scaling after the opening of its Moscow office. In 2015, DocsInBox facilitated cloud-based document flow between restaurants and suppliers, while in 2014, the Service Inspector project introduced electronic checklists, optimizing operations for restaurants.

2003-2010: Journey from Novice to Food Tech Pre-Entrepreneur

Leonid Dovbenko’s trailblazing journey in food tech entrepreneurship spans over two decades. It all began in 2003 when he started as a waiter at the restaurant. In 2007, he opened the iconic Light Cafe from scratch, which thrived for an impressive 10 years. Building on his successes, in 2009, Leonid ventured into the scene with the legendary Open Bar, enchanting patrons for seven years. In 2010, he co-founded Open Service, a restaurant automation company that revolutionized dining establishments’ operations. From a waiter to a visionary entrepreneur, Leonid Dovbenko’s journey continues to inspire and shape the future of food tech entrepreneurship.

Leonid Dovbenko’s exceptional journey as a food tech entrepreneur demonstrates a relentless commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. With each venture, he has reshaped the food industry, making it more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for all.

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