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00:04 Tech Founders Community in Dubai Marina

In Dubai Marina, there is a vibrant community of Tech Entrepreneur Club founders, including angel investors, VC firms, and entrepreneurs from around the world, such as the US, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, India, Russia, Italy, and more. Every Friday, they come together to exchange ideas, provide support, and forge business deals. This community serves as a platform for networking and seeking funding, essential for the growth of startups. It’s a promising and dynamic environment for entrepreneurs to connect and thrive.

Mikael Boshyan Founder & CEO at & Alex Bychkov
Konrad Maximillian Founder & CEO at PITCH ME app & Alex Bychkov

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Nick Starov Co-Founder & CEO

02:18 Networking and Idea Exchange in Tech Community

Attending weekly meetings in the tech community provides valuable networking opportunities and a platform to exchange ideas. It’s a place where passionate individuals with innovative visions come together, sparking creativity and collaboration.

Mustafa Watar Startup Consultant & Alex Bychkov

As an advisor and consultant with seven years of experience working with startups, Mustafa highlights the importance of these gatherings for entrepreneurs. It’s a chance to connect with like-minded people, refresh ideas, and potentially discover unexpected opportunities.

04:19 Empowering Real Estate Agents with Digital Tools

Recognizing the need to empower real estate agents, this initiative aims to create a platform that connects people, making it easier for individuals, like the speaker’s mother, to raise funds and enter the real estate market. The platform’s goal is to attract visitors from around the world, increase website visibility, and boost sales. With a dedicated team and support from industry experts, they are on a mission to achieve $50,000 in monthly revenue by January 1st. This venture represents a digital transformation in the real estate industry, offering opportunities for collaboration and growth.

06:12 A Thriving Community for Business and Technology Solutions

This community provides a unique platform where individuals from diverse backgrounds can connect and find solutions, whether it’s for business relationships, technology solutions, customers, partners, or even investors.

Olga Nayda and Aleksei Dolgikh My Glocal Pitch: Traction
#Olga Nayda and Aleksei Dolgikh My Glocal Pitch: 850,000 USD for 10% SAFE
Sergei Ivanov Co-Founder & COO at & Alex Bychkov
Aleksei Dolgikh & Alex Bychkov

It has grown from a small gathering to a thriving community of over 800 people who come together every week. The founder of, an experienced entrepreneur, highlights the exceptional nature of this community, which is different from typical event-based gatherings in the region.

Karim Helal Founder & CEO at & Alex Bychkov

It fosters consistent networking and collaboration among its members, making it a valuable resource for anyone seeking opportunities in the business and technology spheres.

08:07 A Supportive Entrepreneurial Community

This community stands out as a place where entrepreneurs come together to give, learn, share, and help each other succeed. It’s a truly inspiring and motivating environment where individuals like the speaker find mentors, offer guidance, and foster a sense of giving back.

Maqbool Saleem Startup Founder & Alex Bychkov

The essence of mentoring is that the more you give, the more you receive in return, making it a win-win for all involved. It’s a remarkable community that encourages collaboration and support among entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds.

09:51 Building a Supportive Business Community in Dubai

The founders of this community in Dubai recognized the need to address the fragmentation in the regional ecosystem and created a platform where businesses can share their challenges, collaborate on solutions, and access support.

Olga Nayda Co-Founder & CEO at My Glocal

Olga, the co-founder and CEO of the project, explained that they are building B2B solutions for businesses facing scalability issues, and this community has been invaluable in their customer development. While they are in the fundraising stage with a goal of raising $850,000, they have already received initial commitments, showcasing the potential for collaboration and investment within the community.

Jamil Shinawi Co-Founder & MD

11:45 An Ecosystem of Support for Entrepreneurs

This community goes beyond founders and includes various stakeholders such as lawyers, CPAs, investors, angels, VCs, and developers. With over 2,000 members, including 700 attending physically, it has expanded to locations like Buffalo, New York, Austin, Texas, Korea, and Berlin. & Jamil Shinawi & Alex Bychkov

The primary goal is to promote entrepreneurship, remove barriers to entry, and foster financial equality. It operates as a nonprofit, with founders supporting each other genuinely and without hidden agendas.

Tell Us About Your Business Idea! & Jamil Shinawi & Alex Bychkov

The community’s strength lies in founders helping fellow founders understand their challenges, network effectively, and share their successes week by week.

13:31 A Collaborative Environment for Startups and Entrepreneurs

This community not only supports startups but also encourages collaboration and partnerships. It’s a place where entrepreneurs can find co-founders, merge with other startups, and bridge various channels. Newcomers can easily join by visiting or the LinkedIn page, where they can send a message to get an invite.

Alex Bychkov find me at Insta @aiexxbc

The community fosters a sense of love, care, and attention among its members, regardless of their size or stage, making it a perfect environment for growth in terms of partnerships, sales, and product development.

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