Our IMPACT for Global businesses. International DIGITAL investing infrastructure for SMEs

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We offer the opportunity for individual investors to become part of high-performing startups and advantage on returns, at the same time providing funds to founders, so they can focus on what they do best. We have tens of thousands of investors in our pipeline and tens of millions of dollars of equity in our IMPACT.

If you wanna invest with us just call +971502687088 and say “HELLO FROM CRUNCH DUBAI”

Our IMPACT for Global businesses. International DIGITAL investing infrastructure for SMEs
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IMPACT – investing in growth

Our IMPACT for Global businesses. International DIGITAL investing infrastructure for SMEs

IMPACT – investing in growth

For a better acquaintance with our company, I recommend watching the interviews or ordering my book “Shareholder. Bigger money on small companies.”

Shareholder Valerii Zolotukhin

Why include non-public companies in your Impact portfolio?

Non-public companies, on average, offer 2 times higher profit margins than the stock market. In addition to that, the investors can vote on major company decisions through the board of directors.

Our IMPACT for Global businesses. International DIGITAL investing infrastructure for SMEs

Why invest with us in Worldwide Impact?

The IMPACT team consists of professional scouts and analysts, who review hundreds of projects every month, and, due to their accumulated expertise, they can choose the best projects.

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