Glocal become Winner of Global Media Congress 2023 NexTech

Olga Nayda, Chief Executive of at the International Media Congress
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Innovative Startup Glocal SEO from in5 Tech won Global Media Congress NexTech 2023

Glocal SEO SaaS Platform for B2B Receives Prestigious NexTech Award, Glass Star and 20,000 AED Grant at Global Media Congress NexTech in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, November 22, 2023Glocal B2B SaaS, the trailblazing online growth brand for SMEs, secured the coveted NexTech Award and a substantial 20,000 AED grant at the Global Media Congress NexTech in Abu Dhabi, a renowned platform for innovators in the technology and business industry.

Glocal become Winner of Global Media Congress 2023 NexTech
Olga Nayda CEO of Glocal with the NexTech First Place Award

Significance of the NexTech Award

The NexTech award, presented at the Innovation and NexTech event, serves as a beacon for new ideas and provides a unique opportunity for individuals and companies to showcase their capabilities. Startups, including Glocal, had the chance to present their innovative ideas related to AI, machine learning, AR/VR, sustainable media solutions, and more. The award signifies Glocal’s exceptional contributions in the B2B SaaS space.

Glocal become Winner of Global Media Congress 2023 NexTech
Cofounding Team Aleksei Dolgikh CVO and Olga Nayda CEO of Glocal

Innovative Features and Strategies

Glocal’s win is attributed to its groundbreaking SEO platform, which translates media websites into 109 languages, enabling global readers to access news in their mother tongue. The platform’s simple user experience, affordability for SMEs, and traction in growing media traffic and advertising prices set Glocal apart from competitors.

Glocal become Winner of Global Media Congress 2023 NexTech
Olga Nayda CEO of Glocal in front of their booth at Global Media Congress in Abu Dhabi

Overcoming Challenges and Recognition

Glocal faced and overcame challenges by showcasing client traction, enhancing technology, and perfecting presentations. Months of dedication and participation in in5 tech’s educational fundraising bootcamp significantly contributed to the win. The Glocal community witnessed increased trust, with inquiries from businesses and recognition from industry peers.

Impact on Position and Future Plans

The award enhances Glocal’s position globally and in the Abu Dhabi region. Olga Nayda, CEO, expressed, “Now more SMEs and Media know about us, that means Glocal SEO can boost many businesses from the bottom to the top and bring more money into the UAE economy.” Future plans include boosting product awareness and helping thousands of businesses grow faster and more cost-effectively.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Glocal is actively seeking partnerships with SEO agencies and governments to simplify interactions between citizens, expats, tourists, and local businesses. The company is open for collaborations and invites interested parties to reach out via email to [email protected].

Celebration and Acknowledgments

While a formal celebration is pending, Glocal’s partners eagerly anticipate a reward dinner. The notable efforts of the C-level team, particularly Olga Nayda and Aleksei Dolgikh, played a pivotal role in Glocal’s success. Aleksei’s contributions to Glocal’s online presence were particularly highlighted.

Industry Impact and Takeaways

Glocal’s win contributes to global visibility for SMEs and media, encouraging entrepreneurs to explore easy solutions for global scalability. Olga Nayda advises, “Be open for ideas. If you perform, you should be a storyteller, make people understand your idea in an easy and funny way.”

Notable Reactions

The Executive Director of ADNEC Group Mr Esteban Gomez Nadal humorously remarked, “Don’t forget my name when you’ll become rich,” showcasing the positive reception and anticipation surrounding Glocal’s success.

Glocal B2B SaaS looks forward to the continued evolution of its innovative solutions, further impacting the B2B SaaS industry and beyond.

About Glocal B2B SaaS

Glocal B2B SaaS is a pioneering online growth brand for SMEs, providing innovative international SEO and translations solutions to enhance global visibility. With a commitment to simplicity, affordability, and tangible results, Glocal is transforming the digital landscape for businesses worldwide.

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Note to Editors:

This press release is fictional and generated based on the provided information. Any resemblance to real events or circumstances is coincidental.

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