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Dubai Crunch Today welcomes a fascinating entrepreneur, Georgy Kozhukhovsky (George Kozuhovskiy), who has been at the helm of groundbreaking projects and is now set to revolutionize social networking. His journey from water transport aggregation to creating an exciting social challenge app is nothing short of inspiring.

A Visionary in Water Transport Aggregation

Georgy Kozhukhovsky’s entrepreneurial voyage began with the ambitious project, AnyShips, a pioneering aggregator of water transport services. Breaking barriers, they collaborated with SEO Get Taxi and introduced water taxis to St. Petersburg. Soon, their success rippled beyond Russia’s shores, and they became the first foreign company to sell water transport tickets in Venice. Then covid 19 arrived and they stopped work in Venice, focusing on other countries, because Venice was closed at that time. AnyShips company has Offices in the US, Dubai, and Monaco followed suit, solidifying their international presence.

Georgy Kozhukhovsky

The Birth of SwapMap

Not one to rest on his laurels, Georgy set his sights on new horizons. With a keen eye for opportunity, he breathed life back into the beloved concept of Foursquare, giving birth to SwapMap – a dynamic social network with a twist. The application garnered attention for its unique challenge-based approach.

SwapMap is much more than a social networking platform; it is a bridge that connects individuals in a world that can sometimes feel disconnected. By celebrating the essence of community and embracing the potential of physical connections, SwapMap enriches lives, broadens horizons, and leaves its users with cherished memories and lasting friendships.

Georgy Kozhukhovsky

From Russia to Dubai: A Journey of Innovation

The brains behind MyFriends have an impressive track record of developing successful social network projects. Having conquered the Russian market, they decided to take on new challenges and expanded their horizons to Dubai. With a team fueled by passion and experience, they transformed their ideas from the SwapMap application, added their own twist, and developed the feature-packed MyFriends in just seven months!

The Spark Behind MyFriends

Remember the days of Foursquare, where you could track your friends and their plans on a map? What if we told you that MyFriends app takes that concept to a whole new level? Bringing together the best of Foursquare and Zenly, this app promises an exciting, improved, and more interesting experience!

Learning from SwapMap’s user engagement, Georgy and his team observed the thrill of competition that kept users active and engaged. An innovative app that lets individuals challenge themselves and others. Whether it’s achieving fitness goals, academic milestones, or any personal challenge, this app encourages friendly competition and fosters a supportive community.

Georgy and his team conducted market research to gauge the demand for their app and found great promise in the Saudi Arabian market due to the population’s passion for history and love of competition. Now, they are preparing to enter the dynamic markets of the Emirates and Saudi Arabia. With their experience from previous projects, including AnyShips and SwapMap, the team is ready to revolutionize the social networking landscape with MyFriends app. The app offers a range of challenges in various categories, ensuring a fulfilling user experience for its global audience.

Georgy Kozhukhovsky’s journey from AnyShips to SwapMap and MyFriends is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and adaptability. Dubai’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem has been the perfect breeding ground for Georgy’s vision, allowing him to transform ideas into reality. As the autumn sun sets on the horizon, keep an eye out for MyFriends – an app set to challenge norms, inspire greatness, and foster a global community united by friendly competition.

Georgy Kozhukhovsky also shared some interesting facts about creating your own business in terms of the social networks industry. He explained the basics of investing and how to make the most of your money. He also gave advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur and how to avoid common mistakes. It was a very informative talk. Anyway, listen for yourself…

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