Edufair 2024: Entrepreneurs show the way. Rajani Nalla and her team present

At the heart of Edufair 2024, a revolutionary platform changing how UAE families make pivotal education decisions, stood Rajani Nalla, the Founder & CEO of Trusity Innovations Learning. This year, Edufair showcased leading educational institutions and became a crucible for innovative educational programs like TruPreneur, designed by Nalla’s startup.

TruPreneurs: Nurturing Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Rajani Nalla with the team and Editor in Chief and Executive Director of Publications of Gulf News Abdul Hamid Ahmad Photo source archive of Trusity team

Rajani Nalla‘s exhibit, dedicated to the TruPreneur program, was a magnet for parents eager to explore holistic pathways for their children’s education and entrepreneurial journey. This unique initiative emphasizes the importance of instilling entrepreneurial skills from a young age, offering a blend of practical experiences and academic learning to mold the business leaders of tomorrow. Nalla’s booth provided a direct, face-to-face interaction platform, allowing parents to dive deep into how the TruPreneur program could be a catalyst for their children’s success.

The Critical Role of STEM Education

Rajani Nalla on the panel discussion with Sara Hollis Principal American School of Creative Science Nad Al Sheba Photo source archive of Trusity team

During a riveting panel discussion, alongside other distinguished educators, Nalla emphasized the critical importance of early STEM education. “STEM education,” Nalla stated, “is more than an academic discipline. It’s a bridge to developing life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and resilience.” She further elaborated on how embedding STEM concepts across various subjects not only enriches the curriculum but also prepares students for the challenges of the future.

Nalla also shed light on the power of experiential learning, underscoring the need for educational institutions to integrate technology in classrooms. This approach, she argued, not only enhances engagement with complex subjects but also connects students with real-world applications of their learning.

Edufair 2024: Pioneering Change in UAE’s Educational Landscape

Boy is exploring ecosystem of product Trusity at Edufair 2024
Children are interacting with the booth of Trusity

Edufair 2024, held at the strategic location of Villa Rotana on Sheikh Zayed Road, has proven itself as a pivotal event for parents, educators, and institutions alike. By providing an immersive experience with its panoramic Burj Khalifa views and modern amenities, the fair has set a new benchmark for educational exhibitions in the UAE.

The fair’s emphasis on innovations in early childhood education, highlighted by discussions on customizing teaching methods and fostering environments conducive to individual learning styles, reflects a growing awareness of the need for a more personalized and inclusive educational approach.


Rajani Nalla‘s participation in Edufair 2024 as both an exhibitor and a panelist showcased her dedication to revolutionizing education through entrepreneurship and STEM. Her insights on the importance of adaptable learning environments and the integration of technology in education resonate with a broader movement towards innovative educational practices in the UAE. As Edufair continues to illuminate the path for the future of education, visionaries like Nalla play a crucial role in ensuring that the next generation is equipped to navigate and shape the world of tomorrow.

Edufair 2024, STEM, and Trusity: Questions & Answers

What is Edufair 2024, and why is it significant for parents in the UAE?

Edufair 2024 is a groundbreaking initiative launched by Gulf News, aiming to revolutionize how families in the UAE approach educational decisions for their children. It provides a comprehensive platform for parents to explore various educational institutions, innovative programs, and curricular advancements. Its significance lies in its role as a guide for parents to make informed choices about their children’s education, ensuring they are well-prepared for future career paths.

How does Trusity stand out among the exhibitors at Edufair 2024?

Trusity visited Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of Publications of Gulf News Abdul Hamid Ahmad

Trusity, led by Rajani Nalla, distinguishes itself with its TruPreneur program, designed to instill entrepreneurial skills in young learners. Unlike traditional educational offerings, Trusity focuses on a blend of academic learning and practical experiences, aiming to nurture the business leaders of tomorrow. Its hands-on approach and focus on innovation and technology integration make it a standout exhibitor at Edufair 2024.

What makes STEM education crucial for children’s development, according to Rajani Nalla?

Rajani Nalla emphasizes that STEM education is foundational not just for academic growth but for developing essential life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, reasoning, innovation, and resilience. She advocates that STEM learning should be integrated across the curriculum to help children connect theoretical concepts with real-life applications, thereby preparing them for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

How does Trusity integrate STEM education into its curriculum?

Trusity integrates STEM education by incorporating experiential learning and technological tools into classroom instruction. This approach creates immersive learning environments that increase student engagement and facilitate a deeper understanding of STEM subjects. By linking complex STEM concepts with real-world scenarios, Trusity ensures that students not only learn but also apply their knowledge in practical contexts.

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Can you share a success story from the TruPreneur program?

One notable success story from the TruPreneur program involves a student who developed a sustainable business idea focused on recycling electronic waste. Through the program, the student received mentorship on business model development, market strategies, and pitch presentation. This culminated in the student successfully launching a startup that not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers innovative technology solutions for electronic waste management.

More about program

What advice does Rajani Nalla have for parents considering the TruPreneur program for their children?

Rajani Nalla advises parents to recognize the value of entrepreneurial education in today’s rapidly changing world. She suggests that parents encourage their children to explore and embrace innovative thinking, problem-solving, and resilience. Engaging with programs like TruPreneur can provide children with a head start in understanding the complexities of the business world, all while developing a robust set of transferable skills that are valuable in any career path.

What future plans does Trusity have for expanding its impact on education in the UAE and beyond?

Trusity plans to expand its impact by continuously innovating its curriculum to include cutting-edge technological advancements and by partnering with more schools and educational institutions not only in UAE but also in Saudi Arabia. The aim is to make the TruPreneur program and STEM education more accessible to a broader audience, thereby fostering a generation of learners who are not only academically proficient but also equipped with the skills needed to thrive in a global, technology-driven society.

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March 13, 2024


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