Jamil Shinawi Co-Founder & MD of AHOY.technology the Infrastructure As A Service AHOY that generate 50 Million USD GDP daily for those who used AHOY Group DeepTech include Generative AI solutions, aim to connect the world and transform the status quo by providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) & orchestration technologiesAHOY enable innovators and entrepreneurs in the region and around the world to bring their extraordinary ideas to life.

Jamil Shinawi AHOY Infrastructure Dubai Generative AI Alliance

Why is the story of Jamil Shinawi and AHOY.technology captivating?

It’s a narrative brimming with the power of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). This company is not just another name in the tech industry; it’s a transformative force aiming to “connect the world and transform the status quo.

<strong>Overview Of AHOY Technology<strong>

Jamil Shinawi, the Co-Founder & MD of AHOY.technology, is a trailblazer in the field. His financial standing is robust, backed by a venture that deals with the critical infrastructure of today’s digital world. He’s rubbing shoulders with industry leaders like Sundar Pichai of Google and Satya Nadella of Microsoft, both of whom command immense financial and political power in the tech industry.

AHOY.technology MD Jamil Shenawi IP & Technology
AHOYtechnology MD Jamil Shenawi IP Technology

AHOY.technology is not just limited to the cloud; they also offer on-premises solutions, providing flexibility that’s hard to find. The company’s reach extends into Aviation, Traffic, Logistics, and Supply Chain, among other areas. This kind of diversification puts them on par with giants like Amazon Web Services and Oracle, both significant players with hefty financial and political influence.

The company stands as an enabler for innovators and entrepreneurs not just in Dubai, but globally. In doing so, they align themselves with regional development agendas like those of HE Omar Sultan Al Olama and HE Younus Al Nasser. These are political figures who are deeply committed to nurturing the AI and tech ecosystem in Dubai and beyond.

In conclusion, AHOY.technology is more than a service provider; it’s a dream enabler. And in the capable hands of Jamil Shinawi, the company is poised to redefine what’s possible in the tech landscape. Why? Because in a world teeming with ordinary, AHOY dares to be extraordinary. Don’t just take my word for it; watch this space as they continue to make waves in the industry!

Generative AI Alliance

CrunchDubaicom about Dubai Generative AI Assembly and Generative AI Alliance

Why is this text intriguing? It unveils the dynamic ecosystem of the “Dubai Generative AI Assembly & Alliance,” teeming with key players from both the public and private sectors. This is an intellectual playground where more than 30+ entities and over 1,800+ participants congregate, all specialized in AI and emerging tech industries. They’re guided by more than 70+ industry speakers, adding layers of expertise and insight into the mix.

HE Omar Sultan Al Olama takes center stage as the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications. His political status is one of considerable influence, being the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office. Following him are Zi Chiara Marcati and HE Younus Al Nasser from Digital Dubai X McKinsey, and Ali Dalloul from Azure AI, Microsoft. These are the titans of tech, wielding significant financial and political power to shape the AI landscape.

Costi Perricos from Deloitte Digital and HE Matar Al Hemeiri from Dubai bring their own flavor of digital transformation to the table. Their financial clout is substantial, and their influence in the digital realm is far-reaching. Evelyn Miller from Meta and Stephen Anderson from PwC are also among the luminaries. Their companies are financial behemoths, shaping digital strategies on a global scale.

But let’s not overlook the academic and ethical minds, like Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei from Digital Dubai and John Dabill from the World Ethical Data Foundation. Their roles offer a balance to the techno-commercial giants, ensuring that ethical considerations aren’t left in the dust. Dr. Martin Heinig from SAP Humanism brings in the human-centric approach to technology, adding another layer of complexity to this diverse group.

So what brings this vibrant hodgepodge of personalities together? It’s the compelling narrative of AI’s future, told through the lens of Dubai’s ambition to be a global tech hub. A tale so tantalizing, it could only happen in the city of dreams and skyscrapers. Each individual, regardless of their financial or political standing, contributes to a larger-than-life story that’s still unfolding. Ah, the drama, the innovation, the comedy of errors and triumphs! It’s all too delicious to resist!

Jamil Shinawi About Infrastructure As A Service AHOY

Some of AHOY amazing projects

Many industries are already enjoying the benefits of our solutions, some of which are showcased here, with more to come. 

AHOY AMS: Your Ultimate Solution for Enterprise-Grade Movement and Routing Applications

<a href=httpswwwahoyamscom target= blank rel=noopener title=>AHOY AMS Your Ultimate Solution for Enterprise Grade Movement and Routing Applications<a>

Elevate Your Development Game with AHOY AMS

Unlock the full potential of enterprise and commercial applications with AHOY AMS’s cutting-edge development tools, designed to offer precise movement and routing solutions.

Why Choose AHOY AMS? Data-Driven Intelligence for Smart Decisions

Leverage the power of MENAT’s top movement company with global reach to make data-backed decisions that drive your business forward.

Location Intelligence: Take Control and Lead

Integrate AHOY pre-built APIs and high-accuracy location tools with your existing data and business processes for unparalleled operational efficiency.

Time-Saving Solutions: Optimize Your Operations

Streamline your planning, optimization, and dispatch processes in mere minutes, saving you time and effort.

Movement Mastery: What Sets AHOY AMS Apart

AHOY specialize in movement solutions, offering you a plethora of options to enhance your application’s capabilities.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Real-Time Road Updates

From changing speed limits to new business listings and toll revisions, AHOY keep you updated so you can focus on what matters most.

Industry-Leading Mapping and Navigation

AHOY maps offer more than just roads. Gain valuable insights into locations, addresses, POIs, and up-to-date road conditions, all while enjoying customizable navigation features within your application.

Cutting-Edge Algorithms for Seamless Experiences

AHOY state-of-the-art routing algorithms, combined with rich map data, offer a seamless user experience from planning to dispatching.

Join the Movement Revolution with AHOY Movement Studio

Become a part of the movement revolution and elevate your application’s capabilities to new heights.


Discover state-of-the-art map content. AHOY helps you enhance your experience with real-time and historic information. Build your own applications with the help of our global map database that features extensive global coverage.

map (2).png
AHOY AMS Service: Your Ultimate Solution for Enterprise-Grade Movement and Routing Applications

Unlock the Ultimate Map Experience for Your App with AhoyMaps SDK—Here’s Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out!

Why Settle for Less? Supercharge Your App with AhoyMaps SDK—The All-In-One Map Solution You’ve Been Dreaming Of!

Stop wasting time on subpar map features! AhoyMaps SDK gives you the power to create the ultimate map experience with endless customization options.

Revolutionize Your App with Real-Time Traffic Data—Only with AhoyMaps SDK!

Say goodbye to outdated maps! With real-time and historic traffic data, AhoyMaps SDK ensures your map is always accurate and up-to-date.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation Just Got a Major Upgrade—Find Out How!

We’re not just about maps; we’re about complete navigation solutions. Build an entire turn-by-turn navigation suite that will leave your users speechless.

Features That Will Blow Your Mind—Here’s What AhoyMaps SDK Can Do for You!

  • Traffic Data Like You’ve Never Seen Before!
    Get ahead of the competition with real-time and historic traffic data.
  • Customization Galore: Your Map, Your Rules!
    From map-center to zoom levels, customize every inch of your map.
  • Day or Night, Satellite or Standard—We’ve Got You Covered!”
    Choose from various map views to suit your app’s vibe.

But Wait, There’s More! Mobile Devs, You’re Gonna Love This!

  • Navigate Like a Pro with Comprehensive Nav Features!
    Show routes and user locations for an unbeatable navigation experience.
  • Voice Instructions So Clear, You’ll Think It’s Magic!
    Keep your eyes on the road with dynamic voice guidance.
  • Route Management Made Easy—One Stop for All Your Needs!
    Control every aspect of your routing with ease.

Unlimited Use Cases—The Sky’s the Limit with AhoyMaps SDK!

Whether it’s for ride-sharing or delivery services, AhoyMaps SDK offers endless possibilities to solve any mapping challenge your business faces.

App Development Just Got a Whole Lot Easier—Find Out How!

Integrate full maps in seconds and enjoy hassle-free development with comprehensive API options.

Developers, Get Ready to Be Amazed—Check Out Our Must-See Documentation!

From Web SDKs like Angular, Javascript, and React to Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, we’ve got all the technical content you need to get started.

Dubai Represents The Future And The Future Is Dubai HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum


HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Omar Sultan Al Olama at Dubai AI Assembly. By Jamil Shinawi AHOY Infrastructure Generative AI Alliance Quantum Computing
<a href=httpscrunchdubaicomomar sultan al olama target= blank rel=noopener title=>Omar Sultan Al Olama<a> at Dubai AI Assembly Photo By Jamil Shinawi AHOY Infrastructure Generative AI Alliance Quantum Computing

Omar Sultan Al Olama At Dubai Assembly For Generative AI at Dubai Future Foundation

Jamil Shinawi MD AHOY pic Dubai Generative AI Alliance

Generative AI Alliance

The Generative AI Alliance in Dubai is a hub for AI innovation and development. Jamil Shinawi, being a key player in the tech industry, aligns perfectly with this initiative. The Alliance itself has the support of influential figures like HE Omar Sultan Al Olama and HE Younus Al Nasser, whose political sway can help drive these technological advancements forward. They’re in the same league as Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, who wield considerable power in shaping global AI policies.

Jamil Shinawi MD AHOY pic Infrastructure Generative AI Alliance Quantum Computing

Generative AI


Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is the frontier that promises to redefine computation itself. Jamil Shinawi’s AHOY.technology could very well be part of this quantum leap. Quantum computing has the backing of tech moguls like IBM’s Arvind Krishna and D-Wave’s Alan Baratz, who command considerable financial assets and have a strong influence on the future of technology.

Why are these topics crucial? Each one represents a facet of the ever-evolving landscape of technology. They’re not just buzzwords; they’re the building blocks of the future. And it seems like Jamil Shinawi, with his firm AHOY.technology, is keen on being an architect of that future. From providing robust infrastructure services to being a part of groundbreaking alliances and potentially stepping into the quantum realm, Jamil Shinawi’s a figure to watch. Keep an eye on him and his ventures; they’re shaping up to be the stuff of legends.

GenAI – The Future Is Collaborative

CEO DUBAI FUTURE FOUNDATION Sharif El Badawi had a discussion with other panel members Fahed Bizzari Founder and Mentor of The ChatGPT Accelerator and Siddhant Dayal VP of Public Policy at Palantir Technologies

Why? A question that ponders the existence of connections, leading to a vibrant discussion among three notable figures. The meeting of minds occurred at the Generative AI Assembly in Dubai on the 11-12 October 2023, shedding light on the potential of Generative AI. The illustrious Sharif El-Badawi, the CEO of Dubai Future District Fund (DFDF), graced the panel, sharing his insights alongside two distinguished individuals, Fahed Bizzari and Siddhant Dayal.

Fahed Bizzari, a name synonymous with nurturing potential, plays the role of Founder and Mentor at The ChatGPT Accelerator, a cradle for innovation. His presence on the panel highlighted the nurturing aspect of AI, echoing the potential of guided learning and mentorship in the AI realm.

On the other side, Siddhant Dayal, the Vice President of Public Policy at Palantir Technologies, brought to the table a blend of policy and technology expertise. His position at Palantir, a company known for its significant stride in data analytics and public sector solutions, provided a rich backdrop for discussing the policy implications surrounding Generative AI.

In the midst of an era where AI is the buzzword, the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI brought together over 1,800 AI enthusiasts and experts, aimed at fostering collaboration and exploring the uncharted territories of generative AI. The discussion among these visionaries was nothing short of a crucible for concocting ideas, all under the esteemed patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who chairs the Dubai Future Foundation.

Why is this confluence important? It’s a melding of minds, a confluence of policy, mentorship, and technology, aimed at steering the course of Generative AI. Each panel member brought to the table a unique perspective, contributing to a rich and insightful discussion on the subject. Through such discussions, the roadmap for AI’s potential and its implications on policy and mentorship get further illuminated, guiding the global tech community towards a future where AI is not just a tool, but a companion in the journey of innovation.

Venture Investments In GenAI

Navigating Venture Investments In Gen AI Opportunities And Challenges

Generative AI 101 YouTube Video

Dubai Assembly 2023

Q&A About Dubai Generative AI Assembly

  1. What is the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI and when is it happening?

    The Generative AI Assembly in Dubai is a behemoth of a gathering, featuring over 30 specialized sessions and 70+ keynote speakers. The event attracts more than 1,800 participants, comprising a 50-50 split between public and private sectors.

    The Dubai Assembly for Generative AI (GenAI) is a high-profile event taking place in October at DUBAI FUTURE MUSEUM. Why? To discuss the transformative potential of GenAI across multiple sectors.

  2. Why delve into the realm of Generative AI Alliances?

    To foster innovation, bridge gaps, and venture into the uncharted territories of artificial intelligence, bringing together the crème de la crème of tech giants, be it in Germany or the sands of Dubai. Various alliances have sprouted, yet two distinct entities have made headlines: the Global Telco AI Alliance and the Dubai Generative AI Alliance.
    The Global Telco AI Alliance is a newly founded consortium aimed at propelling generative AI in the telecom sector. With Deutsche Telekom, e&, Singtel, and SK Telecom at the helm, this alliance is a testament to the collective endeavor of these operators to fuel AI-driven transformation in their businesses and concoct fresh, AI-empowered business models. It’s a joint venture into the unknown, one that could redefine the telecom industry’s landscape, making waves across the globe.
    Meanwhile, in the heart of Dubai, the Dubai Generative AI Alliance emerges as a beacon of tech advancement. Under the patronage of Dubai Future Foundation (DFF), this alliance is a call to arms for global tech companies to accelerate the adoption of emerging technologies. Announced by Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of DFF, during the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, the alliance aims to tackle government challenges head-on. It’s not just about embracing the digital; it’s about intertwining the realms of AI, the metaverse, and Web3 to devise innovative technology pilots. This alliance is more than a consortium; it’s a vision of a tech-enabled government, echoing Dubai’s ambition to become a global hub for emerging technologies​.

  3. Keltoum Zniber

    Keltoum Zniber Crunch DUbaiKeltoum Zniber recently moved to Dubai from London after years of experience in the tech scene in the UK and globally. Her background ranges from ESG, tech, events, operations to being a founder herself. Her most recent venture was Datascrum, a community and platform aimed at bridging the gap of alternative data and finance in the UK via workshops, courses, hackathons and weekly insights.
    Originally from Morocco, Keltoum has lived in Boston, Madrid, Paris and London prior to relocating to the UAE. She is currently the Program Manager at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund’s Accelerator, aimed to enhance the growth potential of the most innovative and disruptive businesses in the UAE and abroad.  Keltoum is also a member of Amis des Ecoles, an NGO in Morocco which provides educational and economic opportunities for women and children in Morocco.

  4. Sharif El-Badawi

  5. Who is Jamil Shinawi?

    Jamil Shinawi Co-Founder & MD @ AHOY | Investment, Innovation, Orchestration Tech, Ecosystem. Jamil Shinawi a co-founder and managing director of AHOY, a cutting-edge orchestration tech-stack for all movement in the field. At AHOY, we are reinventing and reimagining movement and field ops like never before, serving a global and sector-agnostic client base with our innovative IaaS and PaaS solutions. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and multiple exits that exceeded 9 digits USD, I have a proven track record of creating value and impact in the tech industry.

    Jamil Shinawi also a founding member of 24six9.com the 1000 plus GCC founders, a global initiative that invests in early-stage ventures that are deep tech or consume portfolio tech, builds corp/gov ventures, reforms the ecosystem, de-risks the portfolio, and helps founders remain bootstrapped longer. As a polymath, I have a diverse and multidisciplinary background in engineering, urban and regional planning, innovation, and education. Jamil Shinawi passionate about investing in great ideas, building MENA’s first deep tech decacorn, and bridging the innovation gap from research to startups and market.

  6. Who is Adel Samer?

  7. Who is Gerard Mark Sansoni?

    Gerard Mark SansoniGerard Mark Sansoni is Co-Founder, Director of Business Development & Operations

  8. Why the emphasis on generative AI?

    The potential of melding generative AI with other groundbreaking technologies like robotics and quantum computing could lead to a powerhouse of innovation. It’s about not merely scratching the surface but delving deep into the AI abyss to harness its full potential. The narrative isn’t just about technological advancement; it’s about envisioning a future where AI competes with humans, where generative AI adds a whopping USD 4.4 trillion to the global economy annually. It’s about dreaming big, working collectively, and making the fictional, factual!

  9. Who is Omar Sultan Al Olama?

    Omar Sultan AlOlama and Elon Musk at CrunchDubaicom2017, Omar Sultan Al Olama became the world’s first Minister of Artificial Intelligence, taking office in the wealthy United Arab Emirates. “You need to have someone who sees AI and its application across the government with a holistic view” says the 33-year-old, “and ensure that there is at least some sort of coordination between different bodies.”
    The most influential players in this domain—the U.S., the E.U., and China—have yet to heed the Gulf kingdom’s example. AI often falls under the remit of digital or technology Ministers (as is the case in the E.U.), and so far the global conversation around AI and its regulation has been fragmented. While Al Olama says that having different approaches can be “healthy” in avoiding groupthink, countries must be willing to work together in an inclusive, multilateral forum.

  10. What is AHOY?

    With current technology bordering on its limits in terms of delivering speed, reach and efficiency, we are empowering new levels of unimagined possibilities in MOVEMENT
    The AHOY culture revolves around transforming the parameters of movement through ideating, creating and building an effective disruptive tech infrastructure that focuses on automating motion with purpose from A to Z and back.

  11. What AHOY do?

    AHOY is enabling the next human evolution through seamless movement of people, goods, money and information. 

    AHOY aim to connect the world and transform the status quo by providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) & orchestration technologies

    By making available AHOY technologies, resources and expertise to visionaries, AHOY enable innovators and entrepreneurs in the region and around the world to bring their extraordinary ideas to life.

  12. How much AHOY Group raised to date?

    AHOY Group Crunch DUBAIAHOY, a movement tech infrastructure company, is enabling a new future of movement and mobility digital networks through ground-breaking technology demonstrated in its inaugural Keynote event in February 2022. It also revealed the details of the latest funding round of $20 million that AHOY Group raised, which takes the total investment from inception to $27 million in AHOY Group. The company also plans to do a bridge funding round in the following months to boost its scale-up globally prior to the Series A round.

  13. How to invest in generative ai?

  14. How to boost sales? Can AI help with this?

    Max Gogolevin5 Dubai supported CEO Max Gogolev answered: “Boosting sales with AI involves leveraging technology to understand customers and tailor offerings. Key steps include customer segmentation, personalized recommendations, predictive analytics, chatbots for customer support, dynamic pricing, sales process automation, sentiment analysis, and lead scoring. Technologies such as AICharm sales already provide such opportunities to businesses.
    While AI can significantly enhance sales processes, human relationships and decision-making remain essential. The idea that AI will replace sales managers in 60% of businesses within two years, told Max Gogolev, should be approached with caution, as human input remains invaluable in many industries. But There is nothing impossible.”

October 20, 2023


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