DSRPTD WEB3 Speakers Who Wow and Inspire Audiences!

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The DSRPTD WEB3 event has become a significant platform for showcasing leaders and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of blockchain, fintech, and digital transformation. Here, we highlight some of the most notable speakers who have captivated audiences with their expertise and vision.

Engaging the Audience: The Power of Thought Leaders

DSRPTD WEB3 Speakers Who Wow and Inspire Audiences!

Web3 and blockchain technology are rapidly transforming industries, and the DSRPTD WEB3 event brings together some of the brightest minds to discuss these changes. The following speakers have not only presented their groundbreaking ideas but have also inspired and educated audiences worldwide.

David Gibson-Moore: Veteran Banker and Investment Expert

Role: President and CEO, Gulf Analytica

David Gibson-Moore has an extensive background in global private and investment banking. He has held prestigious positions, including Chairman of the Boards at Chase Manhattan Suisse and CEO of Robeco’s Gulf Regional Office. His expertise spans across developing new product areas in Islamic finance and working closely with significant institutions and families in the Gulf region. Gibson-Moore is a seasoned public speaker, fluent in multiple languages, and regularly presents at conferences in the Middle East.

Tala Al Ansari: Innovator in Smart City Development

Role: Director and Head, Innovation and Scale2Dubai, DISTRICT2020

Tala Al Ansari is at the forefront of innovation in the Middle East, leading District 2020’s ecosystem strategy. Her work focuses on building partnerships and engaging stakeholders from various sectors to foster an innovation-driven community. Al Ansari played a key role in securing international participation for Expo 2020 and is recognized for her leadership in change management and innovation.

Ahmed Refaie: Financial Engineer and Investment Architect

Role: CEO and Global CIO, G.P.I. Global Partners Investments Limited

Ahmed Refaie’s diverse career spans entertainment, military service, and finance. With deep experience in the hedge fund industry and as an equity portfolio manager, Refaie now leads G.P.I., focusing on asset allocation and investment management. He is also a prolific educator, instructing on various banking and investment topics.

Rob Charles: Mastermind of Investment Deal Clubs

Role: CEO, Goldfingr

Rob Charles has a track record of building successful businesses across various industries. As the founder of Goldfingr, he has created a unique virtual mastermind and global investment club. His ability to identify niches and build companies to significant market capitalization has made him a respected figure in the investment community.

Tatiana Koffman: Digital Assets and Equities Investor

Role: Forbes Money & Markets Columnist

Tatiana Koffman is a prominent investor and columnist, known for her insights into digital assets and equities. Her career includes venture capital investments for high-profile celebrities and starting as a derivatives trader. Koffman’s writings are influential, serving as teaching material at leading universities, and she is a sought-after speaker on finance and technology.

Angel Lorente: FinTech Connector

Role: CEO, FinTech Connector, USA

Angel Lorente connects fintech entrepreneurs with finance and business enablers to foster next-generation financial services innovation. His work brings together emerging technology and intelligent automation to enhance the global financial services landscape.

Antonia Savaria: FinTech Compliance Leader

Role: Counsel, Cash App, Crypto Product and Program Compliance Management Lead, Square

Antonia Savaria specializes in regulatory compliance for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Her extensive legal background includes roles at Morgan Stanley and KPMG. Savaria is a thought leader in blockchain and fintech, frequently speaking and writing on these topics.

Anthony Scaramucci: Global Finance Expert

Role: CEO, Skybridge Capital

Anthony Scaramucci is a well-known figure in global finance, with a history of founding successful investment partnerships. His leadership at SkyBridge Capital and his previous roles at Goldman Sachs and Oscar Capital Management highlight his expertise in wealth management and investment strategies.

Role: Governing Council Member, UNIDROIT

Baiba Broka brings a wealth of experience from her roles in government and law. As a former Minister of Justice of Latvia, she has been involved in drafting regulations for cryptocurrencies and serves on the Governing Council at UNIDROIT.

Elena Aster: Venture Capitalist

Role: CEO, Aster Venture Capital

Elena Aster helps technological innovation projects find the right investors. With a background in physics and applied mathematics, she works with private investors and family offices to support cutting-edge technologies in various regions.

Nicole Purin: International Finance Lawyer

Role: Senior Legal Counsel, MEA & Pakistan, Standard Chartered

Nicole Purin’s international outlook and inclusive leadership style have driven her success in finance law. She covers the Middle East and Africa, contributing to legal publications and producing documentaries on women’s empowerment in the Middle East.

Ingo Ruebe: Blockchain Pioneer

Role: CEO, KILT Protocol, Germany

Ingo Ruebe leads projects that focus on blockchain-based data sovereignty. His work with KILT Protocol and BOTLabs emphasizes the importance of secure digital identities.

Ali Abuzinjal: Digital Transformation Leader

Role: Head of Digital Transformation & Business Development, SRTIP

Ali Abuzinjal’s extensive experience in telecom and smart cities positions him as a key figure in digital transformation initiatives in the UAE. His projects have had significant socio-economic impacts through the commercialization of research.

Hanna Berezhna: Decentralized Gaming Innovator

Role: Chief Business Officer, SafeHamsters League

Hanna Berezhna co-founded the world’s first decentralized game, SafeHamsters League. Her background in film production and acting adds a unique perspective to her role in business development and marketing.

Fernando Martinho: Technology Innovator

Role: CEO, Unicorn.win

Fernando Martinho’s passion for blockchain, cybersecurity, and AI drives his work in delivering technology innovation. His expertise in software development and strategic planning has positioned his companies as market leaders.

Matthias Mende: Crypto Influencer and Entrepreneur

Role: CEO, Bonuz

Matthias Mende’s journey from social media marketing to blockchain has made him a prominent crypto influencer. His current project, Bonuz Market Eco System, connects fans with celebrities on the Solana Blockchain.

Kristina Lucrezia Corner: Editor in Chief, Cointelegraph

Role: Advocate of Innovations

Kristina Lucrezia Corner leads the editorial strategy for Cointelegraph, a leading media outlet dedicated to cryptocurrencies and fintech. Her work focuses on promoting environmental consciousness and women’s rights.

Rico Pang: Global Venture Builder

Role: CEO and Founding Partner, Sanctum Global Ventures

Rico Pang co-founded Sanctum Global Ventures, which supports the development of the global digital economy and smart cities. His entrepreneurial journey and impact-driven work have earned him recognition across various media platforms.


Jimmy Nguyen: Bitcoin SV Advocate

Role: Founding President, Bitcoin Association

Jimmy Nguyen is a global advocate for Bitcoin SV, promoting the original vision of Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. His career spans law and blockchain, and he is a renowned public speaker on these topics.

Dr. Mazdak Rafaty: Startup Mentor and FDI Specialist

Role: Chairman, AHK German Startup Desk

Dr. Mazdak Rafaty’s work focuses on entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment. He actively bridges the German and Middle Eastern startup communities through his role at the AHK German Startup Desk.

Himanshu Yadav: Blockchain Investor

Role: Founding Partner & CIO, Woodstock Fund

Himanshu Yadav’s expertise in blockchain technology and strategic investments has led to successful ventures in Public DLT, DeFi, NFTs, and Web 3.0 protocols. His commitment to quality education and investment management is evident in his work with Woodstock Fund.

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The speakers at DSRPTD WEB3 are transforming the landscape of blockchain, fintech, and digital transformation. Their insights and innovations are not only inspiring but also driving significant changes in their respective fields. As they continue to lead and influence, their contributions will shape the future of technology and finance.

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