Glocal visited the opening of the coffee shop Drinkit

Good news for coffee and pizza lovers! The Brand Dodo has recently opened its doors in Dubai, offering delicious speciality coffee and Pizza for every taste.

Drinkit was founded by Fedor Ovchinnikov and Anastasia Nikitina and the shop has already become popular in Russia, gathering a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike, with its wide selection of drinks, innovative approach to serving coffee and friendly atmosphere. Customers can also customize their taste in drinks by using the Drinkit app. They could choose the type of coffee, add milk, cream and flavours like cinnamon, orange or honey and etc in several clicks. Caffe also offers teas, sweets and snacks.

Here you can also order high-quality pizza made from fresh ingredients. With an experienced staff of culinary experts, each pizza is made fresh to order and promises to tantalize the taste buds. The shop offers all the classic topping combinations and can accommodate custom orders as well. The shop offers customers fast delivery, easy pick-up at their location, and the convenience of online ordering. Customers can also take advantage of special offers and discounts, which are all available on their website.

On the day of Dodo’s opening, the guys from Glocal Olga Nayda with Aleksei Dolgikh (right bottom photo) visited the place and were pleased with the assortment and quality provided. They weren’t expecting much when they visited Dodo’s grand opening. At the entrance, they were greeted by pleasant music and an atmosphere of joyful people, exuding a bright energy that could be felt throughout the store.

Here Glocal came across businessmen Rustam Rylsky and Katya Lazepnaya from the Dubai Internation finance centre (left bottom photo). You can see them in the picture in the left corner. And there are many such guys from the entrepreneurial community among Dodo visitors from Dubai. From the very first days of operation, the Cafe has become a place of attraction for entrepreneurs.

There were a lot of people coming to take a look at new products and offers, as well as asking lots of questions. And Glocal managed to talk with the Dodo team: Ekaterina Borodich CEO (centre bottom photo), Anastasiya Nikitina Support and Vladimir, who is in charge of products at Drinkit. And they share interesting information. Dodo brand is proud to be the first pizzeria in Dubai to start shipping reusable pizza boxes as part of its commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

Local residents are thrilled to have Caffe in their neighbourhood, especially as the business will provide a great place to meet up with friends and take a break from their daily routines. If you’re ever been to Dubai, make sure to visit Caffe Drinkit for a great cup of coffee and a lively atmosphere.

February 20, 2023


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