Coaching Vs. Training , What is the difference and what is good for you ?

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and my story in both

Let me tell you how it all started, for me

I graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Cairo University in 2011. After graduation, I began working for major pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, AstraZeneca, and Novartis. During this time, I was considering myself just as an ordinary employee, constantly striving for self-improvement.

One of my escape-room out of this SH*** was training :D.

So I developed a keen interest in training, fascinated by the concepts of personal development, enhancing skills, and mastering presentation and communication abilities.

Coaching Vs. Training , What is the difference and what is good for you ?

Me as a Trainer

The Way to the 2 Million Subscribers

My passion for training led me to aspire to enter the training field. I worked diligently to make this dream a reality. To showcase my skills and knowledge, I created a YouTube channel “El Zatoona” where I shared business ideas related to training. The channel gained traction, and people started seeking guidance from the books I discussed or even directly from me.

Coaching Vs. Training , What is the difference and what is good for you ?

first shootings

Coaching ?? what is the hell are you asking me ?

It was during this journey that I discovered another concept: coaching. Unlike training, coaching focuses on individual development through a process of questioning rather than providing direct answers. This method helps individuals gain insights and set goals based on their own responses, ultimately guiding them towards achieving their objectives.

To formalize my knowledge, I studied coaching and no i’m a professional ICF Coach (International Coach Federation ), specializing in business coaching.

Business coaching involves providing individualized Strategies and conducting workshops for executives and managers to help themselves helping the business itself.

Over the past two years, I have dedicated myself to this field.

An Example of it

One memorable milestone in my coaching career was creating a program for executive coaching. This program consists of five sessions designed to enhance leadership and management skills among executives. I even made a PDF discussing the principles and the details of this program, which you can find in the attached PDF along with the pricing information 😉 .

The Summary of my journey in this field ,

In summary, my journey from training to coaching has been fulfilling. While training and coaching are two sides of the same coin, they differ significantly in approach. Training is more authoritative and time-efficient, providing specific details and instructions.

On the other hand, coaching is a more engaging and time-consuming process, focusing on guiding individuals to develop their own strategies and solutions.

Through this journey, I have come to appreciate the unique value of both training and coaching. They complement each other, contributing to personal and professional growth in different yet equally significant ways.

Let’s us put it all together in organized way

Coaching: Coaching involves guiding individuals through questioning to help them gain insights and achieve their goals.
Training: Training focuses on imparting specific skills and knowledge through structured instruction.
Teaching: Teaching is the process of delivering information and concepts to learners to facilitate their understanding and learning.
Mentoring: Mentoring involves a more experienced person providing advice, support, and guidance to a less experienced individual to foster their personal and professional development.

How to reach for me ?

If you want to reach me out don’t hesitate to book free meeting with me through this link

Here is also a sample video about life coaching, if you are interested in this, type interested and will make a content about that.

Thanks for reading, waiting your feedback ” Sorry my business self is still in control of my behaviors 😀 “

Michael Rashid

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Coaching Vs. Training , What is the difference and what is good for you ?

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