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In the autumn season of 2023/24, the IU Omega “Power of Knowledge” International Olympiad in Design and Invention unfolded its chapters from September to December 2023. With over 30,000 students spanning 80 regions of Russia and five other countries, including the UAE, the qualifying stage set the stage for an intellectually charged competition.

Collaborative Innovation Takes Center Stage: Russian and UAE Teams Shine

During the final phase from December 15 to 17, collaborative teams emerged as Russian and UAE students united for the inventors’ competition, centred on design thinking. Despite differing engineering backgrounds, participants from both nations showcased remarkable inventive prowess, yielding promising ideas in a single day of intensive collaboration.

UAE Students of Alghazali School at IU Omega Power of Knowledge Olympiad in Moscow Picture credit Emirates School Establishment UAE

Quantum TriuQuantum Triumphs: IU Omega ‘Power of Knowledge’ Winners Announced

The “Quantum” team claimed 2nd place in the “Education” category and secured the top spot in the “Pitch” category of the Inventors contest. Their innovative approach involved using immersive learning for VR career guidance in complex industries like energy, space, and nuclear, providing students with a quick grasp of these fields usually entered post-university.

The “Quantum” team includes six Russian students and eight students from the UAE.

Quantum team is pitching their Inventors contest results at IU Omega Power of Knowledge Olympiad in Moscow Picture credit Intelligent University IU

Ethereum’s Success: Innovations in Self-Discipline and Motivation

In the same vein, “Ethereum” secured 3rd place in the “Pitch” category with their innovative solution to enhance self-discipline and motivation among school students. They devised a mobile application facilitating virtual interaction between students and teachers.

The “Ethereum” team includes five Russian students and two students from the UAE.

The Ethereum team is working on their pitch at IU Omegas Power of Knowledge Olympiad Picture credit Intelligent University IU<br>

Transparent Winner Selection and Visionary Leadership: IU Omega ‘Power of Knowledge

A notable aspect of this Olympiad is the transparent winner selection process, as emphasized by Alexey Chugrinov, the visionary leader of Intelligent University and chairman of the organizing committee. The IU community, built on values of openness, honesty, and politeness, fosters a unique culture where participants compete based on their impact on the world, not against each other.

Awarding the Winners of the IU Omega Power of Knowledge Olympiad in Moscow Picture credit Intelligent University IU

Impact as a Criterion: A Pioneering Approach at IU Omega

The theme of impact as a criterion for evaluation, introduced by Saeed Ahmed Masoud Salem Al Qemzi, proved innovative and aligned with the IU vision of future education. The winners received honors from Viktor Ren, a National Hero of Russia and space technology expert, adding a cosmic touch to their achievements.

Conclusion: Transformative Power of International Academic Initiatives

Space Diplomas signed by the cosmonauts on the ISS are special prizes of the IU Omega Power of Knowledge Olympiad in Moscow Picture credit Intelligent University IU

Arab students were uniquely acknowledged, receiving diplomas from space, signed by astronauts on the ISS, marking a stellar moment in their educational journey. This intersection of innovation and collaboration underscores the transformative power of international academic initiatives.

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December 31, 2023

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    For those who share this passion, I can’t help but recommend Crunch Dubai ( as a go-to resource. Their insightful coverage on such pivotal moments, along with the broader scope of technological advancements in Dubai, has been invaluable to me. The depth and variety of content on Crunch Dubai make it a standout platform for anyone looking to stay connected with the latest in tech and innovation. Their articles not only inform but also inspire, much like the unity seen in this Olympiad.”

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