BANTgo is proud to announce its participation in the prestigious Bedayat Business Incubator by the SEE Institute, an organization committed to nurturing ideas, innovations, and technologies that foster social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Located in the renowned Sustainable City in Dubai, Bedayat holds Dubai SME certification and focuses on building, scaling, and investing in startups dedicated to solving global sustainability challenges.

Sergei Ivanov, co-founder, and COO of BANTgo expressed excitement about working with a vibrant group of entrepreneurs and witnessing their innovative business ideas. He goes on to say, “From cutting-edge tech solutions to socially conscious ventures, the startups within the first cohort have left an indelible impression with their creativity and unwavering determination.”


The first cohort comprised a diverse range of startups, each addressing contemporary societal challenges across various industries, all striving for a more resilient and sustainable future. These participants showcased their innovative solutions, ranging from micro-mobility companies and construction technology providers to AI-powered air sensors and products promoting individual everyday sustainable practices.


Faris Saeed, Chairman, and CEO of SEE Holdings extended a warm welcome to the first cohort, expressing excitement about supporting their growth every step of the way. He eagerly anticipates witnessing the success stories that will emerge from this dynamic incubator.

Bedayat business incubator

Bedayat is a certified business incubator and accelerator by Dubai SME, fostering innovative startups with a focus on social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Nestled in the Sustainable City of Dubai, Bedayat provides a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs committed to making cities more sustainable, smarter, and healthier. The incubator offers access to expertise, facilities, and professional networks that have contributed to the realization of The Sustainable City, empowering entrepreneurs to make a meaningful impact. Bedayat collaborates with leading universities, companies, government entities, and professional organizations to drive innovation through creativity, collaboration, and unwavering commitment.



BANTgo impact2earn  is an AI Chatbot & Web3 recycling rewards platform around electronic waste. Our AI chatbot identifies and categorizes electronic waste, guiding users to nearby e-waste collection/drop-off points. By recycling through our platform, you earn digital NFT rewards minted from the world’s first certified green blockchain, which can be traded/exchanged on our NFT marketplace for discounts on a wide range of products and services as well as carbon credits.


For media inquiries and further information about BANTgo, please contact Co-Founder and CMO Joseph L. Patterson by [email protected]

April 5, 2023


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